Vaporesso Gen Fit Kit

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This pocket-friendly MTL device by VAPORESSO holds an impressive 1200mAh battery (33% more than to suffice all your vaping needs. On top, you will find the VaporessoI TANK ; the MTL version of the regular I TANK . Designed for maximum durability and ease of use, there is not much maintenance involved with using this tank. 

The tank fits Vapresso's first-ever MTX COIL which are superb for Mouth To Lung. The mesh design improves flavour production and nicotine delivery. Pulse mode ensures your every puff is as good and as consistent as possible.

The Gen Fit offers button firing as well as auto-draw which does not require the use of the button, simply inhale and the device will fire automatically. If the airflow is too tight/loose for your liking, you can adjust it by rotating the ring under the tank to your preference. 

To adjust the power, press the fire button 3 times and select between low power (1 light), medium power (2 lights) or high power (3 lights). Refer to the user manual to see which power is compatible with what coil. The LED light at the top of the device lets you know how much battery you have left: Red is 0-40%, Blue is 40-70% and Green is 70-100%. Charge the device via the USB-C cable provided.

Take advantage of the convenient draw -activation. It is great for ex-cigarette smokers in the sense that you do not have to hold down any buttons and the device fires just like a cigarette. Button activation is also useful if you like a stronger and faster hit. Draw activation does not alter the superb performance of the Gen Fit.

The built-in AXON chip creates an ideal vaping experience with flavour production in mind. Pulse mode helps the  flavour stay consistent and your coils last longer. 

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