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KIWI PEN: black kit
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KIWI™ Starter Kit 


Choose KIWI Starter Kit and start your journey to a life without smoking

Perfect is a strong word, but I can’t think of a device that fits it better than the Kiwi.

Perfectionism is the basis of Kiwi Vapor, which is evident with every puff, thanks also to the ease of use, the design, and much more.

This makes Kiwi perfectly suitable for smokers.


The Kiwi is a pod system, normally in an e-cigarette you have to replace a coil, which is the part of an e-cigarette that produces vapor, but to simplify things, the Kiwi allows you to replace the whole tank.

The Kiwi Pen fits well in the hand, it is light but of very good quality.

The power bank has a matching design and can charge the Kiwi Pen up to 3 times, but it is possible to charge the Kiwi Pen and power bank separately via the USB-C port.

The power bank has 1450 mAh and is therefore powerful enough to charge the Kiwi Pen about 3 times in 60 minutes. To start the charging process, just press the touch button on the front 5 times and your Kiwi Pen is already charged.

It is also possible to vape at any time during loading.

In addition, a number of accessories and all sorts of spare parts are available, allowing you to have a long-lasting and fulfilling vaping experience with the Kiwi.


Device details :

Drawing technique: MTL

Filling volume: 1.8ml

Filling: from the side

Airflow: not adjustable

Battery: Kiwi Pen internal 400 mAh


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