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Grape Drank By Ruthless Vapor 120ml combines the taste of juicy, purple grapes with indulgent sugary soda to please your vaping sweet tooth.

Grape Drank By Ruthless. Vapor 120ml combines the taste of juicy, fresh purple grapes with indulgent sugary soda. The result is a vaping experience that will please your sweet tooth while quenching your thirst like nothing else, Each inhales of Grape Drank will quiet your cravings just like the real thing.

Ruthless Vapor has been killing it at the vape juice game for quite some time now thanks to its unique flavors made with the very best ingredients available. Their most recent vape juice product is Grape Drank, a sweet and sugary grape soda flavor that packs a punch of sugary and fruity flavor. Already, Grape Drank is becoming the top grape flavor vape juice of choice among grape lovers everywhere.

If grape soda is your soft drink of choice, Grape Drank is undoubtedly the vape juice for you. By perfectly extracting the authentic flavor of juicy purple grapes, Grape Drank vape is remarkably refreshing to the palate while satisfying your sugar cravings on impact. The result is a juice that is so astoundingly flavorful that you won’t be able to put it down.

Package Contents Include: 

  • 1 x 120 bottle of Grape Drank 

VG/PG: 85/15

Flavor Profile: Grape, Candy, Grape Soda, Beverage

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